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Letras de So Much Work de Pete Yorn

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There was a time
she could never see him
and her fault
was to always need him
they became their only rescue
they connect
they connect
and he says, "i know about your son."
that he feels so much older than he was
when she only talks about her son
so much work
there was a time
when i thought i knew you
so much for that afternoon
they became their only rescue
they connect in the afternoon
and he says "i know about your man"
...and their hearts will broken
if you can't decide between them
so much longer wind on the phone
you don't have to answer,
have to walk alone
so much work
and it's the same sad song
coming back again
the same old song,
flows back again
and you don't have to live on your own
it's a lie in the end,
you only satisfy your friends
and you don't heal
if you don't bring it home
you don't have to settle
(don't) have to say you won't
you can stay
you don't have to walk alone.
this completes yorn's day i forgot album. ;) you already have crystal village.

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