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Letras de Bad To The Bone de Peter Wentz

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Fifty years ago with the world at war
Hands bloodied - devastated
Better believe they're back for more
Pounding the world with a fist of steel
Jack booted,
heavy handed
Careless of the pain we feel
Bastards - throwing life away
Killers - alive today
Oh oh oh oh
Don't tell no lies
I see through your eyes
You're bad to the bone
Oh oh oh oh
Don't tell no lies
You can't hear the cries
'cos you're bad to the bone
Times have changed but he don't know
Zoot suit,
black tie
Careless that the lies are low
One for all and all for one
Talking smooth - hidden truth
Time bomb ticking just begun
Standing alone for the world to see
Non-starter - push harder
He still believes his time will come
Small wonder - old thunder
Can't he see that he's wrong
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