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Letras de Berenice de Pettalom

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Nights and nights I lose my reason,
Oh, my bride... who am I in these.
Nightmares of a dream land burning?
Oh, her teeth... her teeth are,
Brightness of insane reasons.
Haunted... Flying by the,
Gold of walls in black wings.
Silent wings,
I scream your name.

Oh, cypress night, sweet child,
Dying ivory smile.
You shade the winter... oh-oh,
Oh, Silfide on that fountains.

Oh, N¡iade!
In the bushes of Arnheim,
Steps cross the mist.

Keep away this mourning from me,
Where the sun is dead and cold.
In cold night her heart still is beating,
On this grave.

You can't fell my pain,
Dying alone.
Race of visionary! The blood of them run,
Throught our veins.
Blood of dreams of disquiet minds!
We... grown so much different,
Disease destroy her smile.
But her teeth shine like ideas!

Now the silent in black wings,
Reveal the horror, oh sad queen.
The grave's doors are violated,
A lapse of reason, blood on me.

Higher night, the moon so mad,
In despair sweating so sad.
Her teeth was ideas,
Are on the floor with my sanity.

With my sanity... Oh, Berenice... forgive me!!!
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