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Letras de Celibate de Pettalom

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Celibate, denying the keys of fire,
Cause' the heavens are fall in the hell of flames.
Among the ash and water, the sacred love of the soul,
Redemption of the flesh cell, imprisioned in the space and time.
In the space and time.

You dream, you, lonely,
Like a song of fire.
Dreaming holy ghost in this pain so higher,
Sacred crying in nightmares in lonely bridges.
Oh, Saturn's sing in the abysses of their mind.

Don't die in fire,
Don't lie in your wait.
No more god bless you,
Oh, kiss to late.

Oh, burn the snake,
That feed you with fire.
Send your dance to the sky,
Making love with forces.
Of the day and the night.

Insane and scares loneliness,
Leave your heart to the tears of gods.
Resurrection in the monk cell,
Consuming the godness and the evil.
And the reason, the sentinel,
Of the sun to be worth shiped.
Purificate the dreams of the claws of beasts,
Of the ego' legions.
Oh, please I burn in violet,
... I burn in violet flames.

Celibate, the bitches pray in the light of your tears,
Every hearts are chained,
By the death and flesh pain.

Celibate, don't shed the sacred seed,
Of the heavens and hells are free,
Don't perpetuate this valley of tears.

Celibate, oh... celibate,
Don't shed the sacred seed,
Heavens and hells are free.
Celibate, oh... celibate,
Don't perpetuate this valley of tears.
Celibate, oh... celibate.
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