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Letras de Sons Of The Light de Pettalom

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"Oh goddess of golden hair
your smile to me is the dawn
Woman from the ancient lands
Bless the earth, in the voices of the north winds!
I drink the wine from her lips
I drink the blood of the stars in the cup of the skull!"

We are the songs
Gods of the sea
Pray for me
Sailing in my sins

Oh, pale queen
Bless the wine
Siren from doom
Blood divine

Solvet saeculum in favilla
Per sepulcra regionum
Quidquid latet apparebit
Et lux perpetua luceateis

Liber scriptus proferetus
Unde mundus judicetur
Ad et omnis caro veniet
Exaudi orationem meam


Ride with me
On night winds
Dreaming in lust
Old rites kiss

North winds
Bless the sky
Sister of my soul
We are sons of the light
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