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Letras de Spiderman de Petter Griffin

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Midnight in the city, when everyone's asleep,
I see a shadow walking, walking down the street.
Hiding in a corner-hands as cold as ice,
Who's that lonely stranger who's got the devil in his eyes?

Last thing I remember, he's running for the door,
Somewhere in the distance, a bell was striking four.
As I reach the subway, I heard a frightful cry,
By then I knew it's Spiderman, someone's gonna die.

Spiderman (2x)

This is the night, the night, the night of Spiderman
This is the night, the night, the night of Spiderman
Hiding in a corner, he is out for someone's hide
Watch out baby, he is waiting with a steely knife

Lying in a back street, under darkened sky,
Strangled by a ribbon, a girl's about to die.
Everyone is frightened, no one dares to decide
Who's that man in purple with the devil in his eyes?

A cold and early morning, I'm awake and terrified
All of me is shaking, I'm scared to death tonight.
Somewhere in the distance, I get a frightful cry,
Another spider victim, another one to die.

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