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Small sad samphil mclean versatile ver 107 (sunny skylar/e. v. deane) r.f.d. music pub. co., inc. ascap(small sad sam, small sad sam)here's a tale of a man who was puny and weakstood four foot six in his stocking feetkinda narrow in the shoulder and heavy in the waisteverything about him seemed to be misplaced, small sam(small sad sam)he slid into town one rainy nightrunnin' like a dog away from a fighthe had a pretty big mouth for a guy his sizeand everything he said was a pack of lies, small sam(small sad sam)one day he got on a downtown busfirst thing you know there was an awful fussthey threw sam off into the streetfor trying to steal an old lady's seat, bad sam(small bad sam)one day nobody know's what foran elevator stuck on the eighty-fifth floorsome cables broke and so it's saidthat car just hung there by a threadthe women were calm and the men were balmbut sam screamed and cried like a little childhe squeezed himself through the emergency doorand pulled himself up to the eighty-sixth floor,small sam, chicken sam (small chicken sam)and then instead of helpin' others get freesam said, "i'm lookin' out for me"the cable snapped and all the way downthey cursed out sam when they hit the ground, small sam(small sad sam)now someday sam's gonna get his dueand when he does i'll make a bet with youthere ain't nobody even gonna pass a hatcause sam was nothin' but a no good cat(small sad sam) yes, small sam(small sad sam) chicken sam(small sad sam) no good sam(small sad sam)fade:(small sad sam)transcribed by little johnthese lyrics were transcribed from the specific recording referencedabove, and are for personal use and research interest only.

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