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Letras de Sorrow de Phillie

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Verse 1:
aiyo, i got in a car wreck last week
broke my nose and sliced my cheek
it wasn't my fault it was the other geek
he didn't even hear my horn beep
pulled out in front of me and wrecked his jeep
da muthafucka tried ta blame it on me
he said i did it when i didn't
he should get his fuckin liscense suspended
tryin to be pimped out wit his windows tinted
my grandma can drive dat car better than you can wit the worst engine in it
so forget it get over it it was your fault not mine
so put it behind before i pull out my nine
and trust me you don't want dat right now
what'd you say? what'd you say? bleow bleow!!!
i told you, you should've listened
cause right now you in a difficult position
cause now both your fuckin' legs are missin'
and blood got in yo eyes and you lost yo vision
so let me make a desicion to incision
from yo shoulders ta ya finga's and let'em fall off
put wooden sticks in yo pits and make'em yo arms
you shouldn't of fucked wit me cause now you buried behind my weed farms
and it's to far for any car ta drive and find so i know i won't get caught
yo jeep got fixed and it was the new car i bought
i guess it wasn't to bad after all
sorrow, the name of the game is control
sorrow, i feel like i'm in a deep black hole
sorrow is what you feel as a little kid and the things you wanna get rid of
and the things you wish you never did
Verse 2:
i'm a dangerous man wit a dangerous plan
a plan to destroy ever single man
dat steps foot on my land
from da green grasses ta da black and white sand
bitch you did ta get a tan you whiter than
vinnie paul in pantera in dat heavy metal band
put down your hand i ain't gonna shake it man
i don't care if you was my biggest fan
i admit i'm a prick punk bitch
dat talks mad shit
and i hope you recordin all of dis
so you can take it in the court room when you sue me
go 'head bitch shoot dat bullet will go right through me
'cause i'm invicisible i feel no pain
dat bullets just strenght for me ta gain
i can feel da adrenaline rushin' through my veins
and i done lost my brain
fell out my nose and down da drain
why's iss shit gotta happin' ta me and not sadam husain
he's the muthafucka dats really insane
he's the muthafucka dat wants ta reign
over da whole world
he ain't worth a single diamond or a single pearl
......tell'em girl...
what am i gonna do wit yo' life?
probably end it wit dis knife
but dats not nice
i can't to dat
all i wanna do is smoke a fat
bloint, what's da point?
what's a bloint?
a blunt dats a size of a joint
so don't annoy ( 2x then) cause i will kill.

hook: 2x
Bridge: 1x

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