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Letras de Over The Moon de Pilot

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* Love, you're an open-minded melody
 Hm, you're everything I'd like to see
 Drop me a line and tell me
 I'm the one that you adore
 Tell me things you know
 That I've never heard before

 Love, you're an open-minded melody
 Hm, you know that I would like to be
 Alone tonight with you
 And all the things you have to say
 When it's time to leave
 You know that I'd like you to stay

**Call me up and tell me where you are
 Anytime you need a friend
 I won't be very far away
 Anytime I catch a glimpse of you
 Well I'm over the moon
 If I'm seeing you soon

 Repeat *

 Repeat **
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