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Letras de Bourgeoisie de Pistolgrip

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I guess I'm just another victim of the silicon age
Don't wanna be a peasant working just for minimum wage
Let me join the rank & file of the bourgeoisie
With Ronald Reagan, Barbara Wyatt, and the KKK
Don't wanna see my mother living through the separation
I can hear the masses sing "viva la revolution"
I never asked to be born proletariat class
I'm gonna kill for the power of the bourgeois brass
Empower me,
I wanna be

I want a big suburban home with a wrought-iron fence
Don't need a pool I'll just swim in my own arrogance
I'm just a product of the street, yet above everyone
I'm the badest motherfucker livin' under the sun
Empower me,
I'm the corruption of the cops spraying people with mace
And I'm the congress woman spitting in the immigrant's face
The lamb of god forcing all the little children to pray
I am the judge, jury, the bourgeoisie
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