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Letras de L.a. City Jinx de Pistolgrip

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L.A is the city where everbody dies
And we all have heroine falling from the skies
Shoot it up we don't care
Got pollution in the air
Gotta eat your humble pie catch a bullet in the eye

Residents don't care what anybody thinks
You know it's gonna get'em ... L.A. City Jinx

Sunsets along the coast
People say we are the most
L.A. is the parasite and you're gonna be the host
Shoot it up just for fun
At the people in the sun
I'm a catcher in they rye I'll buy a legal alibi

L.A. morning gridlock where everbody's stressed
Daily power tie collared shirt is nicely pressed
White knuckles on the wheel
Cheap hookers it's a steal
Pass the bums on the right
Watch the freaks come out at night

L.A. city riots where everything is free
Rodney King is beaten and there's looting in the streets
Grab some stuff just for fun
Watch the thieves on the run
Chaos scattered everywhere
Shattered glass is in the air
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