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Letras de Good! de Pizzicato Five

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How do you do?
how do you do?
how are you? i'm fine!
what are you doing?
i am singing
what did you do today?
i did soundcheck
Nice to meet you
see you again
nice to meet you
see you again
come again soon! yes i'm sure
say 'hello' to mama, yes i will
oh what's the matter? mmm, nothing!
what's the problem? it's okay
I'm sorry
see you later
i'm sorry
see you later
un, deux, trois, quatre
na na na na na na na
have a nice day, the same to you
what time baby? nine o'clock
gonna have a good time?
i miss you
how do you think about it?
i don't know!
I'm happy
how i love you
i'm happy
how i love you
puis je fumer? oui, bien, sur
bonjour, monsieur!
comment-allez vous?
c'est combine
je ne comprends pas
au revoir, monsieur
a biento!
sil vous plait
merci beaucoup
good, good, good, good,

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