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Letras de Happy Sad de Pizzicato Five

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I'm so mad about you going out of my mind
say you want me baby,
baby could you send me a sign?
cuz' every time we're together
you keep me guessing
thinking about the mood in your eyes
smile as i see you walking on the runway
love you and it's no surprise

Happy sad, honto ni okashi na adana ne!
fukigen na 'pose' kidotteru
Happy sad, it's a really funny name, isn't it!
showing off a bad mood pose
And every time that i see you walking away
you know i don't know what to do
just like living on a rollercoaster
my heart just belongs to you
my moody blues could stay or go away
boy you just call my name
my heart can make brand new kind
of sweet soul music
don't care if i'm mad or glad
make me feel so happy sad
Ooh, anata to futari nara itsudatte,
'happy sad, happy sad, ooh ooh'
ooh anata o aishitara itsudatte,
'happy sad, happy sad'
naiteruno? uso yo, waratteru
tenki ame mitaina, sonna koibito,
anata wa
sonna yuutsu na kao shitetara mou nani
mo hanasenaku naru
ana ni fuzaketeta kuse ni,
fusagi konderu
mayonaka no 'turntable'
tada mawari tsuzukeru
odoritaku nainara hitoride odoru,
itsudate 'happy sad'
Ooh, as long as i am with you,
anytime happy sad, happy sad, ooh ooh
ooh, as long as i love you,
anytime happy sad, happy sad
are you crying? that's a lie, you're laughing
sudden sun shower
such a lover you are
if you have such a gloomy face,
soon nothing can be discussed
it was such a frolic with you,
but now you are depressed
midnight turntable,
just turning around and around
if you don't wanna dance,
i'll dance alone, happy sad

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