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Letras de Martesia de Places To Park

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how do you deal with perfect weather
since you found you had just one chance to heal the pain you feel
that comes from no time to explain the way you left without a trace
of where we've been or what you've seen
since you came back to this place

you don't ever notice and you don't ever see
you won't ever notice and you won't ever see

how do you find the time to get along
along the way is not easy as you once would like to say
from here to there is just a bridge crossing through the waterway
that wasn't there but from day one you never saw the love was there

please don't look away
your eyes are the only thing that I will never find from here until never
one trip took away
the one tap on the shoulder that turned me around forever

please don't wait until next year, perfect weather doesn't last that long
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