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Letras de We In This Life de Platinum

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Ah huh...iced out entertainment...
iced out records...in association with the streets
history in the making...
in conjunction with everything that's official
nigga wanna start but we end it right here,
out of my mind, lookin' at dimes,
but still see money through them happy days
trickle your nine in a fantastic spray,
gettin' money now a days,
always think about the same nigga that got blast away
think to the day how she let the painter craft away
sportin' cars, talk about them lighter sparks,
right from the start, listen to cd's,
havin' breakfast over cherry and kiwi's
it's surrenderd to mine now we keep it straight like spines
now everybody wanna stack doe and sell albums like mine,
ever since the first cut, niggas still stuck in a bind
we still do the same shit, rappin' like it ain't nothin'
so now you wanna ask me, “does it really mean that much to me?”
soap and water now we livin' like bubbles,
water fear, hydrophobic, only way out is by drownin'
america don't understand my demographics of lap dancin'
we the truest niggas to do this figgas,
anything else is bullshit,
role one of them niggas thay stay high,
nigga that made blue turn gray skies,
my lyrics are like the constituion, respect with great pride
in the center of all of the confusion nigga, we stand by
land in the center town, we smile when we down,
shit, we rap on tuesdays...in front of thank god its friday's
fuck what they say, 100 bars we last, we still strong all day
stop explosions, office paper of stock is bulging,
controllin' it down, did it right,
now kick us out for expulsion
we dropped the watch, leader of the hot spot,
now watch, seen us at the graveyard,
lettin' the mummy's and skeletons roll in
the rocks is closing in, we do it in time,
but make no sense to separate barbie from ken
c play the flow in, true it's hard to find me,
wanna find traces of me umm...since '93
c sayin...yo plat i'm retired, i'm like whatever,
you know we drop shit and they don't wanna link our styles together
Chorus: [platinum]
we rap in this life forever,
the more we sell the better things repell,
who are you to say that i can never tell?
gotta move slick like a new nigga with no name
the spot is hotter than it's ever been
once again...
we hold the album at eye level,
you live on broadway, rhyme like we in the old days,
stay hot...say hi to the kettle,
we shine with the rentals, keep it live with the ghetto,
whatcha thinkin' about? my wheels or the peddles?
niggas in the dark night, my hard for hearing is an insight,
we coked it up raw but fuckin' with me just ain't the answer
we must cant loose, bells have finally rung,
you sellin' by the pound overlook now you can't be found
now we out to opperate it, sincronize armed code defenders,
battle with me, start it on the block back in line,
join the rest of the contenders
you the next cat, sounds rock from manhattan to lefraq,
seen ya at the same place where your man caught his death at
over my time i've seen king roukes get taken,
tryin to slay the knight all because you tried to save the queen
we checkmate just in one move,
gun bust to proove in can dance in one groove,
made it great time so we can all proove
nigga face it, either you attic or the basement,
draw but trace it, styles still got you hungry for tastin'
be careful, it's the rap administration,
like a game of concentration it's filled with many complications
Chorus: 2x

ah huh, real shit, history in the making,
iced out entertainment,
iced out, another nigga to think about

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