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I got plenty money I got plenty money I got plenty money
Let da streets kno I got plenty money I got plenty money

What's in my pocket dog big face huned jus left da mall
Bought erre thang that I wanted I'm kinda of mad witchu
Haters I'm real dissapointed cause wat u didn't tell da people
Dat I got plenty money I got plenty money

I lyke mah bitches hood but my all my whips foriegn jus bought a new house
Da last one was borin 10, 000 sq.feet it feel lyke you tourin dese niggaz
Dissin me it ain't really important.take off yo shirt nigga I bet yo ribs showin.
U niggaz starvin my money ovaflowin.jewelry game sick got all dese hoes
Adorin.catch me n da club with all da yak pourin.if I eva go to prison umma have
Plenty stories.sleep real good ain't gotta worry.stay fresh erre day jewlry stay
Glowin.I got plenty money n all u niggas kno it


[Verse 2:]
Next money guess wat I'm buyin rappers.I'm startin to feel sorry fo u lil bastards.
I'm pretty hawt yo career a disaster. I control you niggaz sumthin lyke yo master.
65 grand that round a beezle.stay frum round me if u don't lyke 2 smell cheddar
I ain't fuckin with da hoe cause she a big hacker.wanna kno who I'm fuckin my money
I jus married hur.she ben good 2 meh I mite 5 karot hur.ran me out da store
I brought to many plasmas.countin so much money breathin like I got
Asthma.u kno the old sayin the mo money tha merrier.


[Verse 3:]
I don't kno why I botu da bently wen I had da masarati.wat I paid fo da goonz
Trade 140.scared 2 keep money on meh cause I will blow it.my strip club name
Is MR. WILL THROW IT.keep fire on deck n I will show it.fuq with me n get wacked
All u niggaz kno it.scared 2 dance in da club cause my fire loaded.if u don't use it den
Don't tote it.mo money 2 most niggas me mo whorish.mo money 2 me mean keep
Goin.haterz gettin tired my money still growin.ball all night catch a flight next mornin
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