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What is this
mass confusion
this crazy way we're living
this emptiness we're passing out
like candycoatedwaterdrops
I'm spilling out my thoughts
you're spilling out your guts
And i can't help but stop and think that
If the world stopped spinning
if the end was beginning
would you even notice if i wasn't there?
if the world stopped spinning around
"all that's worth dying for is already
an empty religion you've learned to
when nothing means everything, your
daily routine
you go through the motions like a
helpless machine
You're spinning 'round
you're spinning 'round
and i can't help wondering
you're spinning 'round
you're spinning 'round
and i can't help wondering
When the answers to everything are right
in your hands
you lose your conviction, but you can't
help standing
on the one thing that held you for so
many years
You ask for forgiveness and hold back the

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