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Letras de Solace de Plumb

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I'm sick, i'm tired
i can't sleep 'cause i'm so wired
i don't know if i can take this
i don't know how to love you
Tick tock inside
tossing, turning, i feel blind
sun is up, the rain pours in
another day of no end
Grab it, kick it, smash it
love it, loathe it, yeah, yeah
hod it, throw it, crave it
searching for my solace
Tiptoe, bend, break
cold night air, i start to shake
my eye's red, my tongue is dry
these long nights are never kind
I tried to find it in myself
a lonely cross to bear
and then tried looking somewhere else
and i failed
I looked until my luck ran out
and then i saw your face
you picked me up and brushed me off
and said...hey

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