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Letras de Going Crazy de Plus One

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V 1:
gave my life away now i gotta play,
gotta live by the choice i made.
this is what i choose if i dont wanna lose,
then i need to let you make my move.
'cause you know better than i,
than i could ever
and i don't want to try to ever do
without you
you know more than i could,
than i could ever
and if you weren't with me
i'd go crazy

i can't pretend that i don't need you
with all the stuff in my life i just don't
know what to do
every time i'm afraid of what's
in front of my
you keep me from going crazy
i think it's done but the tape
keeps rolling
can't push stop cause my life
is recording
all this pressure keeps on pressing
you keep me from going crazy
V 2:
every face i see takes a hold of my
and keeps me where i need to be
but with a lot on my mind,
sometimes it makes me blind
and the vision gets hard to find
Repeat channel and chorus
I thank god for the life i lead
i wouldn't trade it, not for a minute
i don't wanna think that i don't
need you with me
you are my security
now that i got it, can't go without it
'cause i need you, need you to keep me
from going crazy

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