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Letras de Sea Of Angels de Plus One

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It takes my breath like a cheap perfume
and leaves me in tears
and everyone under the mooon
knows its here
like a dream where you can hardly move
so paralyzed
i could decide to let the fear or abuse
or realize
That there's another world unseen
it opens when your heart believes
We are all surrounded
swimming in a sea of angels
we are not forgotten
and we will win
because you send your angels
Stretching out across the sky
till i can't count
the scenery before my eyes
i drop my mouth
how could i ever let this sight
slip my mind
you are the source of the ones in flight
so raid the sky
And take away the blinding tear
let us always know you're here
Pick me up, lord,
lpick me up, lord
take me away, away from here
my lord
rain down won't you link me to your grace
rain down and i'll link you to my faith

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