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Letras de Tonight de Plus One

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I want to walk down 3rd st. slow
drive up and down the coast
watching the sunset hang while god puts on his show
i want a life outside my own
a strange that everybody knows
i want to kill the ghost that haunts me as i grow
But today and every single day
just covers up my face
the earth is dark but i can see the sky
Tonight i'll leave myself behind
and run into the light
i am broken but that's just your type
I want to trade this tongue for ears
make failure disappear
i want the confidence that doesn't lean on cheers
i want to plant the golden seed
beside a sparkling sea
working my way up high in a deeply rooted tree
But today and every single day
just cripples both my legs
these hands don't work but yours will do just fine
Shine your light let me see tonight
shine your light put your heart in mine
cut the cord from this empty life
cut the cord leave it all behind

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