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Letras de If You Were Here de Poe

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If you were here
i know that you would
truly be amazed
at what's become of what you made
if you were here
you would know how i treasured every day
how every single word you spoke
echo's in me like a memory of hope
When you were here
you could not feel the value that i placed
on every look that crossed your face
when you were here
i did not know just how i had embraced
all that you hid behind your face
could not hide from me
'cause it hid in me too
hello tiger, it's great fun, talking with you. like this--in fact i'm going to do it more often
Now that i'm here i hear you and wonder if maybe you can hear yourself
ringing in me now that your somewhere else.
i miss you a lot
'cause i hear your strange music gentle and true
but i'm so proud of everything you do there
Singing inside me with the best parts of you
next time i see you you'll proudly sing it back to me
Now that i'm here
I hope somewhere you here them too
Now that i'm here
I love you...
it's okay you can go now

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