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Letras de Today de Poe

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Standing in the doorway
of my life in this house
Trying to find a way to get out
Looking for a sign
that I should open the door
This craziness is getting me down

But today is the day
we break free

Walking down the stairway
to the traffic below
Anything could happen
I know
But Im sick of everybody
telling me what to do
I hear you
Hey but I already know

And today is the day
we break free

Its clear in my mind
after all of this time
what I feel my love

There are so many times
that the sun doesnt shine
but Im here my love

And today is the day

Maybe I should wait
just a minute or two
Its getting cold now
I feel so insecure

The future is a mistress
that is so hard to please
and the past
is a pebble in my shoe
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