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Letras de Action (mike Fresh Nasty Mix) de Poison Clan

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[rasta verse by likkle wicked;
Most of his verse is indistinct]
Now rudeboy jt from poison clan
Come in wit dem lyrics and kill the gangstas!!
Jt: ahem! hello everybody this jt money the bitchizer...

Verse 1: jt money
Yo i can get fly like a plane and then wreck shit
Stomp on compton and flex through the exit
Uhh rainin' on punks like a cloud
Punks get devoured 'cause no punks are allowed!
So step up if you think your shit's strong
But be prepared to get your whole crew flipped on
'cause i flip niggas like coins
And once i get gone i'm in they ass like hem'rhoids!
Niggas get done, but then so many try
To be like jt motherfuckin' m-o-n-e-y
I get busy like 5pm traffic
Punks get they ass kicked when shit gets drastic
Uhh, niggas don't want none of me, see
When i get hot, i burn they ass like vd
I stay hard like capn' crunch, suckas get capped
And crunched, or dissed if you're rappin', punk
Most of y'all can't understand me
You'll probably say "that nigga that can't be from miami!"
I hate punks with a passion
Hey yo, hoe, tell them niggas what i want!

Chorus (4x)
[i want action] murder!! murder!!

Verse 2: uzi
Lights, camera, action, it's on
Uzi is the brother on the mike, word is bond
I'm talkin' to all the fallin' niggas, the kinda creep niggas
Step up and get beat, niggas!
'cause if you try the pc, it gets fucked up
We always strapped with the gat, so just shut up
And if i pull, you better pray 'cause you is dead, black
Test me out and you'll see just where my heart's at
That's how it is, fuck you, and motherfuck your crew
I roll with jt and big ram too!
We livin' phat, matter fact, we gets ill, see
And when we roll, we just rippin' up your posse
So if you talk shit, talk it under your breath
'cause if i hear ya, your ass'll be marked for death!
Best believe niggas' heads i be bashin'
And yo, you know what's next!


Verse 3: jt money
Check 1-2 for a nigga who step to this
Step up and just wait for my lefts to miss, uhh
Before you get a chance to run ya mouth,
I shoot them thangs to ya ass so you're down for the count!
I beat ya bad asses wit a bad-ass gang o' niggas
I'm from the clan, so of course i be hangin' niggas
No matter how tough you feel or you might look
Drop yo ass with a right hook
I stick out like a saucer, niggas say i'm awesome
Wreck your little 1's 2's 3's and 4somes
The b-i-t-c-h-i-z-e-r,
When i step up you see how i
Keepin' niggas in check, approachin' with the tech
The old-fashioned way i earn my respect
Been down for a minute, did a quick bit
Came back knockin' about the box like (?) did!
So chumps run up and get ran over
I'ma take the usa and japan over
I'm the one-man wreckin' ball that's werckin' y'all
Here's some advice: i'm wreckin' all!
You motherfuckers stop talkin' trash and
Shep the fuck out my way 'cause ...


Outro: likkle wicked

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