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Intro: jt money
Uhh. smooth track. got the hoes in the background singin'.
Y'hear 'em? true. yeah time to get back on them hoes
Let 'em know ... can't run game on a gangsta ... a nigga with
Game know' game y'know what i'm sayin'? cut all the small
Talk i'ma just tell you the illness i don't wanna be trippin'.

Verse 1: jt money
Yo some women doubt i'm for real while some shout i'm
A dirty-mouth rapper 'cause i tell the truth 'bout 'em
But yo, after that i felt good
Told the truth 'bout them hoes like nobody else would
And yep, i still feel the same way
But you gotta respect the way the game's played
Because you can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em
So i get with 'em, and then i talk about 'em
'cause yo, it's all just a game to me
Some women get offended, but you're all the same to me
See, most women got some b or h in 'em
If they don't, they associate with 'em
Why? because it's in they nature
To run game on brothers and try to gank 'em for they paper
And i'm just up on the whole thing
So yo - game recognize game!

(game recognize game!) uh! come on! yeah!
(game recognize game!) w'sup! yeah, dude, come on!
(game recognize game!) w'sup to the hoes!
(game recognize game!) pc lettin' ya know!

(game recognize game!) yeah! come on!
(game recognize game!) all the hoes, w'sup!!
(game recognize game!) yeah! yeah!
(game recognize game!) uh!

Verse 2: jt money
I know a girl named susan, constantly juicin'
Brothers for the flow, then she's out the door
And so, heard my last album,
Made a bet with her friend, said "yo, i bet ya i could have 'em
Strung out on me, even he gets lonely."
That girl don't know me, my game too strong, see
Right after i wacked it,
She was on my tip like a profolactic
My tactics was just too remarkable; susan's now sweatin'
The money that the other fellas sayin' i'll be gettin'
The moral to the story is, a brother like jt
Runs game greatly, so don't try to play me
Thinkin' i'm gon' fall all in love
I told you that's for the birds, and i ain't a dove!
So if we gon' do our thing, we can swing,
But remember - game recognize game! ya don't stop!

(game recognize game!) yeah, dude, come on!
(game recognize game!) yeah, w'sup!
(game recognize game!) sendin' this to the hoes!!
(game recognize game!) so now you know!
(game recognize game!) uhh, we ain't havin' it!
(game recognize game!) come on! come on!
(game recognize game!) yeah, dude, w'sup!
(game recognize game!)

Verse 3: jt money
I get seasick; i can't float on a relationship
Because a honey dip might be sweatin' my grip
I change girls with the season
Distrust is the reason that i'm lovin' and leavin'
But women adore me, do anything for me
Let me tell you a story 'bout a girl named lorri
Met her back when i was in high school
She stepped to me, 'cause yo, was i cool!
So naturally she saw i had flavor
Kept a wad in my pocket 'cause i had a lil' paper
Uhh, and she was out to get it, so she let me split it,
Thinkin' if we did it, then i'd be with it!
Nope! jt's a player! just because i lay ya
Don't mean i'ma pay ya!
So lorri, don't feel shamed!
You know i'm the b-izer, girl, and game recognize game!

Uhh. yeahhh. sendin' this one out to all the hoes ... lettin'
Y'all know, y'know i'm sayin'? niggas ain't 'bout that,
Y'knamsayin'? niggas know about all that shit though. sendin'
This to lorri and susan, y'all know y'all real names, gave them
The aliases. but your friends know you did, they know the story.
And um, the pussy was good, it was aaight. y'knamsayin'?
Wanna say peace to all the niggas that can run game on these
Hoes ... like a nigga like me, y'knamsayin'? niggas in the house ...
No good but so good in the motherfuckin' house, they run game.
My nigga clayvosie, yo, he run game. my main man milky mill, in
The house, you know he run game. my nigga shante, ugly man
Mike fresh, of course you know your boy run game. 'knamsayin'?

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