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Letras de Groove With The Pc de Poison Clan

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[groove with the poison clan] (7x)
[poison boys takin' over the club]

Verse 1: jt money
Once again it's the clan with a fast one
To make y'all groove like the last one
Niggas were demandin' the pc to come back
With deep bass and funky ass drum tracks
Poison boys takin' over the club again
Makin' that shit y'all love again
While suckas tryin' to get our style
Of true niggas from miami's underground
Jt, a nigga you can get with
Kickin' that hardcore fly shit
Sendin' this one to the niggas in the bronze
And them hoes with them dazzey dukes on
Slangin' that monkey, stacked, lookin' chunky
And caught gettin' funky
Jockin' the money man, so ...
[groove with the poison clan]


Verse 2: jt money
Step on the scene with my steel-toes
Holdin' my dick, lookin' for them ill hoes
A nigga like jt be trickin'
Lookin' for a hoe to stick my dick in
Holler at the boys, see what's up with them
They always put a nigga down with the (?)
That's jockin' jt, one raw nigga from the pc
Kickin' the shit that be thumpin'
In a club, that's all you hear pumpin':
The poison clan sound
Hoes' pussy poppin' and doin' the doo-doo brown
And the niggas be wildin'
Fuckin' with the hoes and cold profilin'
So if you're down with the money man, just ...
[groove with the poison clan]


Aw yeah!! wussup, the poison clan is definitely in the house,
Y'know what i'm sayin'? hey yo, my name is uzi, we got my
Man jt money in the house, my man madd ball, and we just
Cold wreckin' shit! and we lettin' you know, on round 2, oh,
All y'all fuck-niggas gon' have to bring it!


Verse 3: jt money
Back in yo' ass, it's the clan
Spreadin' like a virus, backed by the money-man
All about the dollars
Now hoes, when you see me, don't forget to holler
'cause you know you know me
Now i'ma give a shout out to the hood and the homies
The whole luke records staff
And all them niggas i know on the 'ave
One time for madd ball and crab
And the niggas i know on the bav' *he probably means blvd*
Tall milt, ned, eddie, ram,
>from caroll city, dave, mike and sam
And tony, ol' cory and ted
My nigga uzi, fat milt and red
And there's c-lo, baby ced, jp and chico
Mike fresh, toomp and hop
And everybody else that i forgot
That's down with the money man, just ...
[groove with the poison clan]


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