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[sounds of typewriter clicking.]
Interviewer {debbie bennett}: we're here with jt money of the now
Infamous poison clan. and jt we want to hear it from your point of
View. tell us why you're always in trouble with the police. tell us about
School. jt your fans want to hear it from your point of view in your
Own words. jt?

Verse 1: jt money
Mary had a little lamb and it was me!
A rowdy motherfucker named jt
Problem child! got on, got strong,
Now they say i'm buckwild!
But i ain't payin' them mind,
The ol' girl used to say a hard head made a soft behind
So i guess i'm the black sheep of the family,
'cause they ass can't handle me!
And i hate cops, 'cause they like
To break black sheep into lamb chops
So i keep makin' problems
'cause i can't picture bein' sheep-skin condoms!
And i don't need no shepherd, see
Especially one that's cursed with leprosy
See, not all black sheep sleep
Look what happened to little bo peep's!
Hers left and got knowledge!
Fuck high school and motherfuck college!
Now you see why i'm so destructive:
A black sheep ain't shit to fuck with!

Interviewer: jt, you use the word "bitch" quite a bit in your lyrics.
Tell me, do you have a girlfriend? is there a woman in your life? in
The day and age that women are demanding more respect, what do
You have to say to the young ladies about bitches? are you "the

Verse 2: jt money
Young ladies shouldn't get offended when they hear
But if the motherfuckin' shoe fits, wear it!
I think a hoe is a hoe, and a bitch is a bitch
I'ma talk about ya ass and keep gettin' rich!
Now why quit gettin' money? i'm jt money,
And i can't do nothin' for ya, honey!
So don't be on my back like a jacket
I can't hack it, and you'll get smacked, bitch!
'cause i hate hoes and they hate me
But i don't give a fuck, 'cause i'm jt!
The motherfuckin' bitch-izer!
Hoe, talk shit, so i can paralyze ya!
I can't have no wife! i hate hoes,
Plus it's in my nature to be a low-life!
So that love shit is out! i'm a pimp;
I'll slap the taste from a bitch' mouth!

Interviewer: jt, let's be realistic. the fame and glory can't go on
Forever. the poison clan has done quite well, but without a high
School diploma, what would you do, if it all just fell apart, today, now?
You have nothing left. the music was over. let us know.

Verse 3: jt money
Snatch a bitch down in the middle of the street
Get that book and break out in a heart beat
And then i'll go, out on
The 'ave to shoot some c-lo!
So i can double my shit
'cause hell, i'm known for rollin' 4-5-6
I just might lay the whole game down
Niggas know i don't fuck around!
J to the motherfuckin' t
Stands for just trouble, so niggas don't try me!
'cause i'll burn your ass like a torch,
Take all your shit, and leave you on the front porch!
"jack and splak" is how i got my wealth
If i wasn't me, i think i'd rob myself
I gotta be spoiled rotten
Just a little remider for those who may have forgotten
I live for money; pockets are fat
Give a bitch a bet for some pussy and take my shit back!
I gotta be rich; "that's all the 5,000, bitch!"

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