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Letras de Low Life Muthafuckas de Poison Clan

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(intro from "freddy's dead")
(dolemite: "yeah there's these two low life muthafuckas ...")

Verse 1
[debonaire] check it out it's the poison clan
Debonaire drugz and the money man
Low life niggas you see the clan
And say that it figures
You can pull my file and see i
Talk about hoes and shit that's wild
'cause i don't give a god damn
Bein' that ghetto hood that i am
Gamblin' for bread; my smif-n-wessun
Beats any spread
You can't play me like atari
Motherfuckers tryin' to will be sorry
'cause debonaire's far from a sucker
Another low-life motherfucker
[jt money] mack-daddy, another name for pimp
Worried 'bout nothin', just struttin' with a gangsta limp
Since the youth, had dreams of riches
Makin' money by pimpin' bitches
Parents hate me around their daughters
Knowin' their kids sell for quarters
And i don't pay any more
'cause that's all she's worth to me, the low-life whore
I mean, she's makin' me rich
And only god knows i love a bitch
Who keeps me strong in the game
Pimp your little sister, won't feel shame
I go bitch-berserk, 'cause if your mother's
On my dick, i'll put the bitch to work

Verse 2
[debonaire] it's a jack, so get against the wall
And stop lookin' for a cop to call
'cause if you do so much as twitch
You'll end up somewhere in a ditch
'cause i'm like that; you ain't heard?
Motherfuckers had to spread the word
This kid, i once shot him
'cause his cadillac had too much bottom
That's a good enough reason
To me, any season is shootin' season
For a wild motherfucker
Debonaire's never gettin' played like a sucker

Niggas know that i go get thugs,
And come back shootin' buck-shots and slugs
[jt money] yeah, motherfuckers fear me
But most be even scared to come near me
They know i'm stampedin', leavin'
A bitch unconscious and bleedin'
Puttin' bitches on the 'ave
And when a nigga see a bitch, you say he gotta have
But he will pay to fuck my bitch
That's when i get my percentage, which
Keeps a nigga like me eatin' shrimp
And makin' jt a motherfuckin' pimp!

Verse 3
[debonaire] debonaire's bad; the devil's dad
Goin' on like i'm mentally mad
See, i'm livin' like a villan
You can look at me and see i'm top billin'
I'm a goddamn player
A bitch ain't shit to me once i slay 'er
Once i get that ass,
Best believe that bitch is gettin' left in the low class
I know how to act
The bitch won't ever talk to me behind my back
'cause if so, she'll end up wit'
Pictures on the milk-box for talkin' shit!
[jt money] a low life nigga
After i fuck a bitch, i egg her
But then a brother gets mad
But then i leave it up to the devil's dad
'cause when niggas start to roll
Money gots to chill 'cause i'm on parole
Professional hit-man
Throwin' a blow no nigga can withstand
It gots me bent
Owin' me and not payin' every cent?
Jt money's something far from a sucker
Another low-life motherfucker

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