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Letras de Beautiful Frustration de Power Animal

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I'll be in the movie scenes,
and on the t.v. screens,
and in your super market,
on all the magazines.
I liked you pre-teen,
you still seem so clean,
didn't know you had it,
it was quite a gleam.
I find you sexual,
still intellectual.
so what did i miss,
that isn't practical?
Who am i?
to even try,
or think that i,
would one day catch your eye.
But when i did,
i cared too late,
i was so scared,
my mistake.
What'd you expect?
to come from me,
when all this started
back in 93.
So i hear you think i'm scary,
sorry i'm not ordinary.
I broke down once with a good cause,
why can't you see past my flaws?
Oh you like guys that drive fast cars,
or ones that can throw sixty-yards.
You left me here with no "it's over"
will you show her how that's closure.
You know i've tried,
to turn around this lie,
with philosophy by my side,
what plain logic kant denies.
Is without this i've found,
so many different things,
but when i think of you,
it makes me want to...
And hope you listen,
find out exactly what's in you,
and see i did what others wouldn't do.
Please tell me what is wrong,
what keeps you in his songs,
and why now i don't belong?
Hey! i'm sorry for the way,
that i blew up... what's that from?
wow! you always tell me what i know,
but not always, what i want to hear.
(so enjoy this rock out here)

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