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Letras de On My Mind de Premiere

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there you go takin' up my time
but dat alrite
cuz you're on my mind
make it hard to sleep at nite
but dat alrite
cuz you're on my mind
Baby, since i hooked up wit you
you got me so sprung i don't know wut to do
lately, my friend been doggin' me
cuz they say i'm much to cool
to be wit you exclusively
Waitin just like a hourglasss and time is movin' slow
since i saw you last
maybe i might be movin fast
but i'm in a hurry to share dis love i have for you
You know i used to being free to
come and go seeing who i please
but know dat i can change my ways
and you can count on me to be there for you only
you're juss so heavy on my mind
and when i lay awake at night
juss tossin' and turnin'
it's alrite
cuz it juss like you're right there
next to me
like i can feel you can you feel me
Chorus (2x)
Don't get caught behind apple tree
with anyone else but me because you're
on my mind
see i'm always thinkin' bout you, don't you know wut else to do because you're on my mind

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