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Letras de Back To The Garrison de Prodigal Son

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Yow the people them say prodigal we want you help curb
the disaster right now we see you like a ghetto pastor

Back to the garrison again, when we pick up back we pen
thru man a ghetto Christian we na’ve no time fi a pretend
back to the garrison again now a souls we a defend
thru we been there, done that run the spot a we God
have to send

Verse 1
Yow! a drugs, thugs & guns run the garrison
the politician dem mash up the garrison
but God send we fi take back the garrison
when we done there'll be no comparison
Pastor Blair fi run Tivoli garden
dudus fi take Godly counsel from the pa'son
Al Miller you fi take over jungle,
lead Pang to Jesus Christ make him humble
Matthews lane affi V.T. Williams
pastor the community, Zeeks need deliverance
August Town have a whole heap a rasta
so we a send dem a seventh day Pastor


Verse 2
We ago turn hot mondays inna God mondays
send the people dem back to church on sundays
tun passa passa inna one big crusade
make dem stop serve liqour & drink lucozade
asylum that a mad people place
we ago take out the bar dem start a church base
over quad we have a missionary squad
to standup a the door & lead people to God


Verse 3
Badman from Jamaica try no badda slip
cuz the radikal Christians a take back the streets
yow yours truly the Prodigal son fi be the real
ghetto bishop over Kingston
prodigy weh dem call Ryan Mark
we a gi him from Breaton to Gregory park
Jason Mighty a.k.a little jay
make him run from Rea Town back to Bull Bay
Dj Nicholas always on the shout make him take Waltham &
three mile
round about, man from Seaview, Spanish town, Riverton
come pray with you Christian don Pappa San


Verse 4
Flankers get hot from Mo-bay tun city we a send dem a
Christian governor name Stichie
Common sense next door Meadowbrook we a sen unnu Evangelist
Sandra Brooks
Goody Goody a the real ghetto priest, run from weh you
live down to Cassava Piece
Rema, Trench Town out a control, give dem Moses, Gallimore
& Ziggy Soul
Majestic Garden & Cockburn pen fi Carlene Davis & Chevelle
Waterhouse a your neighbouring friend, a fi Judy Mowatt &
fi Grace Thrillers dem
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