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Letras de Chapter 2 de Project 86

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New day springs light on the burdened, the downcast
my past lingers to define the outcast
i long for the coming of chapter two
to put an end to this cycle of backlash
so i start where the last chapter ended
but the veil has been lifted, my thoughts are sifted
every wrong is righted
the new song i sing with every breath, breathes sight in
So let your face consume my mind, right
Hair standing on end, it's sent forth
is this the end i was always meant for?
i still long for the taste of better days long ago
long past, so dead to me but yet
here it is in the palm of my hand to see
as i witness the birth of a new beginning
i sense it breathing, i feel it seething
i see my fear begin fading
Breath on me for my new beginning

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