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Letras de Independence? de Project 86

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How does it feel to find yourself playing for the wrong team with the stakes so high?
how does it feel to find yourself so blind to the sin your hiding deep inside?
turn your back on the obvious facts and watch the city gnash and burn on you
oblivious to your only way out and now the lifestyle's evidence too
independence runs rampant while fire awaits for burning flesh overflowing like sets
blind as the bats in the dark mindsets without hope of ever seeping through cracks
like a fool
you're so proud of your arrogant mindset of lusts unspeakable, continue to drool
and now so content....
implement the tool
your rainbow's a symbol
of a smile on your face unforgettable
you look to the skies and smirk while your choice proves completely regrettable
lust fills the sleepless nights
thirty five and under the plight to sow invites
you'd better get to bead early...
because the dawn's bringing light to melt the living penalty
and now you want to try to separate independence from your bonded state?
worship your created self with unnatural debased states of mind for fates erased
with no excuse for ignorance 'cause his nature only proves his existence
uncleanness assumes an image that's reflecting the faraway cry from creation
the signs of the times sign a contract (with fine print)
providing your soul with destruction
and now you want to try to separate independence from your bonded state?

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