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Letras de Soma de Project 86

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The only thing i recall is
those shadows coming my way
comforting me with their searchlights
to guide me home again
“we will take
we will take
that wretched heart away
and when you come to
you’ll thank us
for the new you we’ve made”
So now i'm left here fading away
far away
far away
so now i'm left here fading away
far away
far away
from me
So now i wait as they make me
into someone else
if i believe what they tell me
i'm tired of being myself
cause they take and the take
a piece of me everyday
“and we will help you belong here
with this new you we’ve made”
If you you can amputate my heart
then i will learn to smile and then
you can replace me with yourself
and i'll become the model citizen
and i will tell them all
that i had this breakthrough surgery
they give you a pill
they remove your heart
and replace it with a battery

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