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Letras de Troubled de Prolific Featuring The Fat Chi

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What is trouble anyways and when we say there's many ways to deal with it

i feel it's just a lead into the infinite step escalators that address the messed with state for a second

but firstly don't impress me i don't suggest that you invest in the western view of resting too fat to get off your chesterfield,

test your field of view if you can't get the text techniques to feel right,

it's another week night in the weaker hemisphere surrounded by the clouds of confusion,

i'll see you when it's clear and the sun shines upon my face with the wind at my back

sometimes i feel i'm wandering in fate although it's just a trap that my mind plays on my body confusing my own brain and it's got me convinced that it's not me so i simply can't refrain from feeling troubled,

i'm nearly double the stress level that's less than acceptable unless you're a nervous wreck and messed or full of worries like myself

alright i'm telling the truth it's nothing new every society's got troubles what to do?

with solutions in need it's ingenuity that people dream,

beyond thought on top of past complexities complete the need to solve equations with technologies so all of these past difficulties are revealed for all to see,

but even though we need to know they say it's just around the corner it's always a link between the past and future,

or former and yet to be progressively i try to put an end to my problems, but the more i try to kick troubles the harder it is to solve them.

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