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Letras de Used de Puddle Of Mudd

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Hey, hey, hey
I seen ya kissin ya sista
There's no way you
could ah missed her
With those legs and lips
She flashes a smile and look
And it's over

Down, downtown is where
I see my mistress
She's lookin right
out of highschool
But I'm tellin you my freeze
frame baby shakes me up and
Down and wild an don and on on on
On Yeah

Pain, Love, You want it
It starts to carve into
your bleeding heart
Love wanting more
It's alright it's alright it's so

Hey, hey, hey you're
not worth chasing after
You're just one bad disaster
You just want my car
my cash you just used me
Ya use use use use ya use me

I've tried to change my mind to love
But I hate you I hate you
I want to break your heart in two
But you've burned so hot

But then again this is not hte end
I've just started I'm coming over
This is what you'll do
your nightmares come true
Know you feel it Right!!
Heaven's coming down
the Devil's got a frown
And what's that sound
your heart beating
This is what you do when
your nightmare comes true
I know you feel it

It's someday
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