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Letras de Jet Keisatsu de Puffy Ami Yumi

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The rocket has a jet engine
Patroling the galaxy at full throttle
A young jovian policeman
Turning a blind eye to an old man´s lie
He is still green
The bad guys in the universe can´t be tolerated
We´ll arrest them
In order to keep the peace forever yone
When you see meteorites nearby
The martian pilot fell asleep
ABS needs to be kicked in
Go at full speed to the scene
Go faster
It´s a major incident
Until the oxigen cylinder empties
Fake it to look like a blue ticket but strike with the red
Somethimes we show the whip love
The universe is at peace today too
It´s the first holiday in a long time
Let´s go see the otherside of the sun
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