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Letras de Urei de Puffy Ami Yumi

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Such a muddy road; how far does it go?
You not only get dirty
But teacher's directions were different and
the last train gets further

Rushing around and around and then stuck
It´s still dark out, but morning comes

Let´s play until it´s disgusting
Let´s play in a world that has everything
Let´s play before you let it go
Come and catch me here; Let´s play

The view through a donut hole
Alone, a curse
I don´t seem to be a trusted
Sinced i get jerked around

You don´t notice that the rails are twisted
I´m not waiting for you; I´ll leave now

Let´s play the way I like to
Let´s play and get sweaty
Let´s play while you´re alive
Come and catch me quick; let´s play
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