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Letras de I Remember de Pulley

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Lost again i try to find myself
direction found unknown
where else can i go
sit me down and say to me
tell it like it is
desperation eats at me
i feel i need a change
promises i’ve made
so helpless and innocent
hard to try and figure out just what it is i say
still falling back behind again
will i always chase you?
what’s in it if i do?
my ideas that you sold me
don’t need to understand
what it is i am
or who it is i am anymore
helpless and incocent so hard to try and figure out just what it is i wanna say to you
please help me understand
i reach my hands for someone there
start the circle of where i’ve been
remember where i’ve been
the walls that protected have all fallen down
and i don’t know how much more i can take
i know their faces and i know there names
been to the places and i remember

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