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Letras de Nothing To Lose de Pulley

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Don't tell me life can be unkind
how the goals you thought you could
reach you can never find cause it's
all work ain't nothing free to bad you
had to learn at the expense of me i'm
tired of the lies i hear why do you feel
the need to dismiss your act's of selfishness
why can't you own up to your own greed?
nothing to lose and nothing to gain your
still right where you've always been
nothing ever seems to change nothing to
prove or to be explained you get what you
deserve in the end it's really all the same
so much for my trust in you my once long
time friend you've done the damage that you
can do the waste of energy you expend i've
done nothing dishonest to you you lit the
flame that burned this bridge and from all
i see and hear the guilt is laying heavy on
your head. think of all the energy you've
wasted trying to get even nothing come from
bringing others down i'm all out of sympathy
you took what you could take from me
squander your i'll gotten fortune back

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