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Letras de Over It de Pulley

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I don't want to hear another word
you're over it, it seems
i don't think you'll mind the end so much
it justifies your means
all this silence once disturbed me
now there's nothing more to say
unless you speak what's on your mind
go your seperate way
Wake me up when it's all over
i've got things to do
i'd like to get on with my life
if it's with or without you
and it breaks my heart to see all that we've done
just thrown away
and i don't want to live like this today
For the last four years i've come to butt my head against this wall
for all my troubles i have found
i got nowhere at all
i try to speak but no one hears
a single word i say
my desperation seems to grow
with every show i play
I may be down but i'm not out
there's a few rounds left to go
i've been around this circle enough times
i ought to know
life is what you make of it
and i'm too tired to play
i don't want to live like this today
I'm so tired of feeling like i do
from waiting to see if we will change
All that we thought we'd never be
is what we live today
i don't want to live my life this way

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