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Letras de Stomach Aches de Pulley

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I guess i’ll let you know just how the story goes
give you everything you want to hear
tell me something i already know
it’s been long and hard
weary from the road been traveled
can i walk away with you?
i don’t know why everything is always black and white
i don’t know if anything will every get it right
words that fill the space when i say how i feel
tell me something i already know
this feeling comes again my stomach aches with pain
somewhere in the dark i lay
this trip is long and overdue for me
all the years they pass
stories grow to disbelief
which one of you should i believe?
alone i write
alone i dwell
alone i rot trapped in this shell
too old to be young but i’m not old
loneliness i hear its call
run behind but i still fall
never happy
sometimes i think i’m in hell
going down this road again

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