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Letras de We Can Dance Again de Pulp

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We have made a choice - no we don't want to die.
We want to look the future firmly in the eye.
Speaking personally I have to say that I would like to dance again.
Yeah we know that 99% is crap
But we're the other 1% - What you gonna do about that? We
something to happen, we want it to come fast. We want to dance again.

Oh we can dance again
Take a chance again.
If you can make it outdoors you can do it once more. It's alright again.
And if you hold me tight
I might just stay the night
And we'll forget where we've been, all the crap we have seen.
It's alright again. Alright again. Alright.

Can you believe that it was only yesterday? That
There was nothing going on - nothing to play.
We don't want trouble - no, we only want to say:
"We'd like to dance again".
And so although it doesn't mean a single thing,
Oh well it might just make us laugh, and it might just make us sing.
And it might help us forget that we don't know where we're going.
If we can dance again. Dance again, oh yeah.

La-la la-la la.

Oh it's okay.
Oh it's not the end of the world.
It's just some boys and some girls making fools of themselves.
Everybody's singing!


La-la la-la la.
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