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Letras de Bag Da Biscuit (basement Mix) de Saukrates

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Uhh yeah
Cap hill
Making all the honeys say "ooh"
Making all the ladies say "ooh"

"check it check it out now. check it check it out" < redman

Saukrates come wit it
When i reach two fold be like he done did it
Psycho how one mic blow with one lyric
Keeping it raw dog intelligent thug share it
Keeping it raw dog and jealous cats them fear it
Splash afrodite, rasie a whole spirit
Cash spell well, avoiding head swells
My game tight everynight, can't you smell?
I mean can't you tell?
Oh, i fucked up, not really
These games help me loosen whatever got you stuck up
In the first place, your first taste
Of remedy raps, scenario one worse case
I wanna get with you, at first no go
'til i hit you with words, i call them _____ missiles
Equip with a couple uppercuts of warm breath
Defenseless, your only escape is death
Pardon me miss, let me light your cigareete
Sip that isht slow, there'll be no repgrets
Tonight, baby shine bright and reflect my light
Ask was she interested, she said 'um, quite'

"check it out now" <-- redman (scratched up)

Kick the chips off the shoulders of all ____ heads
Acting like you've never seen a dick, when all y'all give head
I'm the yeast you the flour, let's go make some quick bread
Acting like you've never seen a d___
Chick let's talk for a minute sipping on coke and glim fitted(?)
I seen you checking me out, your glasses ain't tinted
>from my start to your finish i'm in it to win it
Burn like carosene, all night sex critic
For now, wink with that eye brow, black cow
Faking surpise because you came with two tough guys
Seems like trapping this trick would be a dream
Putting niggas on my tab, now we on the same team
Boom, peep my words, saying it real simplistic
Reading your mind on some devil's advocate isht
I had to bag da biscuit
My protocol proving to penetrate, bait couldn't resist it
Play that sport right, player in the same night
Name, number, the works, you make wrong right
I hope, you're prepared for a very long night
Yo, it's on, what colour's your thong? white


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