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Letras de Father Time (remix) de Saukrates

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Word up saukrates in the house
About to turn it out word up
Niggas of sin niggas of speach
You know how we do
Ain't no other than the jiggy chase lover
The mad chocolate brother check me out

Father time ticks on through the early morning breaks of dawn
I'm an emperor whose empire crushes the upon
I gave first to a novel seen
Stealing the cream
Whoose blew out you're smoke screen
So, nigga freeze
'cause this mc in every degree
Can have a punk spilling head cheese
Sauk-ra-tes, a felon in this rap game
Rebelling in rock stadiums like van halan
Or bruce springsteen, what is war good for my nigga
Even when cash rules, you still lose my nigga
Quoting the words of a shoddy
For who is, becomes who was and who could have been
Will never be somebody
Always want some green in my jean
The earth is mean so i plot mad fuckin' schemes
Wild for the night, fuck being polite, my nigga
You're drowning in shit creak without a fight
What, some more phsyc shit
You wanna battle, touch the mic and see how close you might get
I bust ???????, and send you back to your dimension of wackness
Dodge, block and end with a back flip
So then the beat becomes shank
Let the fat woman scream it ain't over 'til i finish my stank, nigga

Time keeps on slippin' (all scrached up several times)

Make money, money night and day
Follow in the footsteps so you can flow the act around the way
Everyday's a paid day
Crooks living the life of kings in the ghetto
Emeralds and fat diamond rings
Stay alive and strive
Let a nigga know you're real
And quit playing leonard part v
Recogn-ize my rhyme
A valentine days of deadly love powerful like daddy time
Keep checking you watch
Before i've tooken your home plate
I'm jackie robinson, you'd better dodge brooklyn
My mack will never crack
So fuck pussy bunting
I got mother nature sucking my dick down to nothing
Ahhhh, an asset to the rhyming biz, my nigga
Never ask me what time it is
I kick a quiz and go sphinx on your ass and ask you
If a nigga falls in the ghetto, will they harass you
And as you sit and think
A deadly venom starts to sink
Through your fucking skin and melts your link to charmin
Getting low on tanqueray
Flip the script on an a&r, ?????? him as r&a
Promising, and comforting to a fool can work
Some other time, but word is bond
The smirk son, better be right by tomorrow night
Finito, capiche or i'll have my way like carlito

Word up

(scratching up 'time keeps on slipping' until fade)

I am the father time
Saukrates Father Time (remix) 11999 36078