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Letras de Elephants de Seeed

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The trees are falling
on your knees and crawling
dogs are barking
when the elephants are marching

Proud and strong
slowly but steady hear the
elephants come
we blast our trunks like a
baritone horn
the rumble of the earth keeps you moving on
and nothing is stopping us
heavyweight bums
the bulls are stomping like
pounding drums
the cows are shaking their
gonna roll over you with our
bellies and dance
and nothing ain't stopping us

The trees are falling...

From miles around
vibrating ground
feel your heartbeats pumpin in time
everyone outside
no place to hide
surrender to the mad bassline

Dust on your tongue
smoke in your lungs
ears flapping like flags in the sun

Season change
natural games
spread seeeds all over the land

The trees are falling...
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