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Letras de Comforter de Shai

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Alk to me baby i'm listening
lay down and tell me what's on your mind
what exactly did he do to make you cry this time
well i will be your comforter i will make it right
he cast a shadow on your heart and i will bring back your light
Come in i see he's hurt you again
when you are in pain i'm in pain
that's part of bring a friend
but this is a special case
i held my feelings back because of him
and now i can see it more than ever
i made a big mistake
I don't mean to disregard your feelings
but i think he's a fool
he don't know how sensitive you are
and baby that just ain't cool
i'm just glad i can be there for you
when you need a helping hand
deep inside my heart from the start
i know i should've been your man

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