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Letras de Together Forever de Shai

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If you say, that you love me.
won't you stay with me,
for all time?
because your smile.
it is what keeps me going.
all the hard times
yes it does
and we'll be together forever
we'll be together forever
just you and me
i'll be with you ...
until the end of time
Oh oh oh oh
If, you say that you love me
and care for me in such a special way
you bring me joy
in everything i do.
and i hope
you'll never ever go away.
please stay
The way i feel,
i'll be with you till the end of time
until the end (x 3)
We'll be together forever
girl you gotta believe in my love
we'll be together forever
that's all you gotta do
we'll be together forever
just hold on, baby just hold on
we'll be together forever
cause all i need is you
we'll be together forever
and it's your love that keeps me going through
Together forever (x2)
And all
all you gotta do darling
is believe in my love
i'll be with you
until the end...

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