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Letras de Gettin' Some de Shawnna

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I was gettin some head
Gettin gettin some head

I was wit the kinda girl dat make yo toes curl

I was gettin some head (DTP hustle)
Gettin gettin some head (DTP hustle)

I was wit the kinda girl dat make yo toes curl

You know u nigga want a bitch like me
Diamond wit the white beader rockin nikes
Niggas in the hood wanna call her wifey
If u got a pretty dolla then i probly might be
U niggas popin collars y yo bitches pop ps
Im gon do this for my riders that get down and pop e
Think u can pop me man u need to stop please
See me flyin throu yo hood in a drop top v
Im in the pop top three
And ma pops got gs
Say the watch got chilly
And the rocks got freeze
And u broads ack silly
Tryna jack my steam
U slipin and im pimpin and yo boy chose me
And now he hollin hey lil mama can u give me a sec
I got a lil somethin', somethin' bout as big a yo leg
Dis nigga yawn while he talkin so i knew he was red
And bout six in the mornin he forgot wat he said and i was

U know i keep like 4 5 woofers in the trunk
And i turn it to the max so u can feel it when it bump
When u go to DTP we give the people what they want
And when i come to hustle man u know we aint no punk
And you catch me in the town we blowin dro and gettin drunk
And when we hit the party man u know we keep it crunk
Yo nigga actin tuff he on the flo and gettin stomped
Dont act like u aint know now tell yo hoe to pass the blunt
You bitches wanna be me cause u know that im the shit
You se me on the tv cause i roll wit ludacris
Dont hate shawnna baby just be mad at who u wit (who u wit)
I keep a couple handles so u know im to legit (to legit)
Just so u understand it so u know im bout that bread
(im bout that bread)
And dont you try to play me for no joke about my cash
(about my cash)
Before i get the tip i get the heat up out the stash (up out the stash)
I hit em on the lo and shawty this is wat he said (wat he said)
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