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Letras de 12 Souls de Sigh

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Bloodstains covered everything in the house
Nobody knows what happened here, nobody knows...
The truth may be buried, but cannot be forgotten
For the truth is a curse, to the one who knows it...

Only the mirror reflected the very beginning
But it can never show the truth or anything

But the scene it witnessed that windy night
Happened in the summer's warm dying light
A cruel blade shone in the red moonlight
Nobody heard the grevious cries
Nobody did!

The smell of blood is the smell of death

Nobody knows what happened here, nobody knows...
For now only the silence remains
After all the terror and pain
Even the wind stopped blowing
The scream of 12 souls
I will never forget them
How they cowered before me
I suffer no weakness, I showed them no mercy!
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